To reach your goals in life,
in business, and in your career.

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Cast Your Vision

Reach your goals in life, in business, and in your career. 

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Vision Casting (v.)

The act of creating a strategic thought process that enables you to think, facilitate, and execute your path to success. 

Vision Casting
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The Christian Jones Approach

In order to find an effective solution, you have to be aware of the root of your problems - whether it's a void in your strategy or competing personalities within your team.

I'll teach you how to get from your current state to your future state by casting your vision using three simple steps: 
Think, Facilitate, and Exectute. 

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Coaching and Mentoring

Reduce friction and enhance productivity to reach your goals. Coaching and mentoring sessions are a great fit for those looking to start a new endeavor or find their way out of a "rut". 

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Consulting Solutions

Develop new strategies to help manage difficult situations - whether within your business, your team, or your life. We'll look at the root of the problem and develop the best solution for you. 

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Speaking Engagements

Hosting a company event or retreat? My speaking engagements encourage true team building, engage the audience, and make the afternoon fun. See for yourself! 

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"Passion is the prescription for burnout."

Prioritize what you value most, on a professional and personal level. Only then will your passion fuel your energy so you can get things done.

Brian Jones

Brian L. Jones

Recognized as a change agent, Brian Jones has over 25 years experience transforming people and businesses to create sustainable results.

By understanding his clients' aspirations first as well as their potential, Brian provides opportunities that will challenge each individual and team to reach their highest potential. 

"You can make the choice, but you can’t choose the consequences. So choose with conviction!"

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"If you're looking to grow, change or transform, check out Mr. Brian Jones." 

"If you want to see change, in action, for a positive good, then you need to bring Brian Jones of Christian Jones Consulting to your next event to empower your people to be the best they can be."